Central Computers


What you need What we build


We stock a wide range of products and work with the some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. We also regularly supply special orders for items not generally stocked. Just let us know what you need and we will do our upmost to assist.

  • Cables

    We offer a wide range of cables for all sorts of things. Whether you need to connect your Sky Box to your broadband, your laptop to your TV or attach your printer to your pc, we can help. If you know what cable you need, feel free to call or pop into the shop. If you don’t know what cable you need, let us know what you need to achieve and we will advise.

  • Accessories

    We stock a wide selection of keyboards & mice / monitors / printers etc and also arrange special orders for non-stock items. Let us know what you need.

  • Laptops

    We stock various major brand laptops for your general use of kids homework, internet browsing, office functions etc. Alternatively, if a Windows Laptop (with detachable keyboard) is more up your street, examples can be seen in store. If you need a laptop for a more specialised use, such as 3D drawing / gaming or video editing, we have a “built to order” range that will have something just right for you.

  • Components

    We work with major brands such as Asus / Gigabyte / Intel / AMD / Corsair …. Offering all that you will need to build or upgrade yourself. Please call into the shop to see stock or discuss special orders for particular components.

  • PC’s

    We provide quality computers built with quality components for all purposes. Tell us what you need to the computer for and we can provide the machine that’s right for you. At Central Computers we pride ourselves with understanding that not everyone understands the numbers and letters that make up the specification and we are more than happy to discuss your personal requirements in plain English.