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Let Central Computers be your IT Support. We aim to feel like an internal department of your organisation rather than an outsourced solution. No call queues for support desk and no need to raise online tickets, just call and speak to an engineer on your team. We provide support and maintenance services across a variety of industries and sizes of business, all with personalised contracts tailored to your business requirements. Whether you require assistance in maintaining existing solutions or advice on how to be more productive in utilising technology, we can help. We are also a solutions provider and can be your One-Stop-Shop for Cloud Servers / Hosted Exchange Email / Data Backup Services / Bespoke Database Development / equipment supply and much more. Please call to discuss your requirements with the Business Team on 01708 45 33 11.

Backup and Storage Solutions

Central Computers can provide a wide range of backup and / or storage solutions from Cloud based options to more traditional on premises physical hardware including: - Servers - NAS devices - Tape/Media Options - Internal/External Harddrives Whatever your requirements, call our Business Team for assistance.

Ad Hoc Services

For business who are not covered by one of our contract options, site services are available on a pay as you go basis, just call to request a site visit now on: 01708 45 33 11

Services and Equipment

We can support / provide various technologies and services including but not limited to: Networking: - Structured cabling or wireless - Routers / switches / access points / coms cabinets - VPN / remote access / cloud networking services Machines: - PC’s / laptops / servers Peripherals: - Screens / printers / accessories / spares Software: - Operating systems both workstation and server / office / backup / internet security

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